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  • ‘Plate-Bowl’ can change life of deaf child!

VOV has come up with a cost effective and innovative hearing ability test. The test could easily be implemented by anybody, as it includes only 2 easy tasks 1) is to take a metal bowl and a plate 2) Clang it on one another when the child is occupied with some other game. If the child could not hear the sound he/she is identified to be having hearing disability and further is referred for advanced scientific test ‘BERA’.

Plate-Bowl Test

The "plate bowl test" is specifically designed like this because it could be easily conducted by an Aanganwadi worker. An Aanganwadi worker is expected to visit the houses in his/her village and conduct the test on a child. The sole purpose of this test is to diagnose the hearing disability before the child reaches 3 years of age, so that the child could be given a training to learn speaking. This test could not only diagnose the hearing disability at the earliest but also could help in referring the child for an advanced hearing ability test called ‘BERA Test’. A BERA (Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry) test technologically measures the central auditory pathways in the brain.

  • The main objectives of "Plate Bowl Test"

The goal of this activity is that the test should be conducted in every village of the district by the respective Aanganwadi worker. The child is been given a hearing aid and would be able to learn to speak by hearing words. This could permanently solve the problem of speaking and rehabilitation of the child.

The ‘Taat Wati Chacani’ was successfully conducted in Solapur District from the date 5th to 8th September 2014. The project was also supported by the Zila Parishad Women and Child development department and with the guidance of CORO. Through this test VOV could identify 89 children having hearing disability in Solapur district. VOV will be able to give permanent solution to the dumbness of these children if they are provided with hearing aid and speech therapy.


Plate-Bowl Test


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